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Tegeta Motors Baku

Tegeta Motors Baku

Tegeta Motors is constantly focused on development and improvement. The business group, which has been successfully operating for 22 years, is today a leader in the field of automotive products and services in Georgia. The company also operates successfully in the South Caucasus market.

Founded in February 2017 by the Georgian company Tegeta Motors, Tegeta Motors Baku takes a leading position in the sale of repair, maintenance and spare parts.
Having become one of the leading companies of Azerbaijan, it has won the sympathy of users in a short period of time. Tegeta Motors Baku, which is engaged in corporate sales and not only retail sales of spare parts, cooperates with leading companies in the construction, cargo and oil sectors.
 Tegeta Motors offers quality products from Baku, China, Russia, Turkey and many European countries to customers and fulfills customer requests with high service.